Bangkok Animal Research Center Co., Ltd. (BARC) is a research service company under Ajinomoto Group of Companies in Thailand. Established on July 12, 1989, the company's mission is to undertake research and related services in animal production technology for interested organizations.

Initially, BARC's research focused on amino acid usage in pig and poultry. Every step of BARC means advancement in development.

BARC has expanded its range ofservice to include various fields of nutrition research ad feed additive testing. BARC has also opened its services to both domestic and international organization that are interested in testing their products under tropical conditions.

Why Using BARC's Research Services?

BARC's experience in animal research farm operation since 1990 shows that clientshave always trusted in the the services, especially in BARC's high quality research data, as well as quick and confidential trial results. With variouse types and large number of facilities, BARC can provide flexibility in conducting research and works as apart of the customers.